The World’s Greatest Loft Conversion Designs

At Taylor’d Loft Conversions we provide high quality and affordable loft conversions which make your home more unique, enjoyable and valuable.

Below we have listed what we think are some of the world’s greatest loft conversion designs.

1. Contemporary Loft Conversion


Contemporary Loft Design -Source:

This is one of the best contemporary loft design we’ve seen. This loft was designed by RULES Architects based in Bratislava, Slovakia. The design symbolises the casual, simple and yet effective concept of a contemporary loft conversion perfectly.

2. Eclectic Loft Conversion

eclectic loft

Eclectic Design – Source:

This is an eclectic loft design which includes a mixture of historical and modern design concepts to create something new and original. This design was dreamed up during the nineteenth century when the architect was seeking for a style that will allow him to keep the previous historical precedent and create unique designs.

3. Feminine Loft Conversion


Feminine Design – Source:

This beautiful loft design is based on the ballerina concept. The pink and white blush colours really makes the loft stand out. It has a large floor area, more than enough for a dancer to twirl around the pretty furniture.

4. Masculine Loft Conversion


Masculine Design Source:

This is a more masculine loft design. The use of the shiny tiles and dim lights makes the place more serious. Perfect space to use for work out!

5. Ceiling Pillars 


Ceiling Pillar – Source:

The ceiling pillars are not only sturdy to prevent the ceiling from falling in, but to create a dramatically charismatic room with great character. Is this the perfect design for you and your partner?

6. Modern Loft Conversion


Modern Loft – Source:

When it comes to a modern loft design the colours are the key to make your loft stand out. The laminated floors, large ceilings and windows are what we believe the most eye catching in this simple room.

7. Storage 


Storage Design – Source:

Many people use their loft as a storage room only. But why not turn your loft in to a resting area as well as a storage room? This storage design loft would be the start. The ceiling is made with pine wood to make it more aesthetically pleasing. The design of the shelves on the right looks more modern and practical, could even be used like a mini library!


8. Garage Loft 


Garage Loft – Source:

The dream of all car lovers…! Who would’ve thought to use their loft as a garage as well as an extra space to relax in. This modern and fresh design is based in Rotterdam. Using white colour as the main base provides a clean and gallery like effect which makes the room brighter.

And that concludes our list of greatest loft conversion designs! Share and comment below of any loft conversions you think we may have missed!

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