Loft Conversions in Sussex

The Smartest Way to Meet Your Needs

The standard response to the need for more space is to move. While that is certainly understandable, it is also completely unnecessary in many cases. Many homeowners actually have all the space they need residing right above their head in the form of a long-forgotten loft space. Converting that loft will typically meet their spatial requirements, and it will produce a couple of other benefits besides.

For one, it will provide a significant boost to the value of the home. And, in addition, it will reshape the experience of the home in a fundamental way. Many people report feeling as though they are in a new home and, even better, they did not have to move to enjoy that “new home” feeling.

A Better Loft

A loft has a lot of untapped potential; it does not always have to be used as just a storage space. In fact, an upgraded loft can serve as your home’s playroom, lounge or even the master’s bedroom. Those interested in taking advantage of their extra space and commissioning a loft conversion in Sussex can get in touch with Taylor’d Loft Conversions. With its extensive experience in the field, the company has executed many successful projects.

Homeowners upgrade their lofts to maximise the use of space of their home. Indeed, lofts could be converted to prepare for the arrival of a new family member or to have a quiet space for an office or hobby. For others, it could just be a shrewd investment. Loft conversions can result in up to a 20% increase in value for a home, due mainly to the increased usable floor space.

Why Choose Us?

There are a lot of companies in Sussex that offer loft conversions, which means we have to give you a good reason to choose us. So here we go.

For starters, we have years of experience transforming dingy forgotten lofty spaces into vibrant, modern multipurpose spaces that inspire awe while fulfilling our clients’ practical needs. In addition, we handle all aspects of the project in-house. That means there is none of the miscommunication and related problems that arise when multiple contractors are involved.

Next, we handle one conversion at a time. This enables us to give your project our undivided attention from start to finish and ensure a high-quality outcome. That type of focus is rare in the construction industry. But we believe it to be perhaps the most important factor behind our high degree of customer satisfaction.

Competitive Pricing

A loft conversion project can be rather complicated. This is why hiring experienced professionals is an excellent idea. If you need more information about the costs associated with such an undertaking, we offer obligation-free, on-site consultations. An inspection of your home and the existing roof structure will allow us to give you accurate estimates on project costs.

All Types of Lofts Offered

As a seasoned expert in the field, our team is able to design, plan and build many types of lofts. The extent of renovations done can vary depending on the existing roof and local regulations. Conversions such as the installation of roof lights often do not require local authorisation.

Respecting Local Laws

Loft conversions, particularly major renovations, might require specific permits from local government bodies. Conversions that extend the loft, such as the deluxe Mansard-style alter rooflines, are most likely to require authorisation before the building.

Get in Touch With Taylor’d

On behalf of clients, Taylor’d Loft Conversions can handle the bulk of the paperwork, look up and explain all laws governing the projects.

We are the loft conversion specialists more homeowners trust to provide them with the extra space they need to enable their changing lifestyles. So get in touch. If you are not inclined to write us you can always call on 0800 046 7654 during regular business hours.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your loft extension project in Sussex. We’ll be happy to come and meet you to discuss your project requirements.

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