4 Common Mistakes People Make During A Loft Conversion

4 Common Mistakes People Make During A Loft Conversion

At Taylor’d Loft Conversions, we aim to build a high quality loft conversion at your satisfaction.

In this blog, we would like to share the top 4 common mistakes people make during a loft conversion.

1. Poor design

The design of your loft can either go very well or terribly wrong. This is why you have to be very specific of the loft design and consult with a specialist for suggestions. You’ll need to make sure whether your loft is suitable for conversion, i.e. the height and size of the loft. If the loft has a big space, you can consider altering the space in to a study room or a relaxing tea room.

2. Not enough storage space

Many people often overlooked the amount of space their loft has and converts the loft straightaway before planning thoroughly. For example, if you’re considering to place large sized furnishings you’ll need to leave enough space to do so. It is important to not overload the furnishings in to your loft when there’s a lack of storage space.

3. Poor choice of contractor

It is a hassle and stressful if you select a poor quality and service contractor for your loft. Therefore, it is vital that you speak to and compare several contractors beforehand to see which company is the most beneficial to you. This would include pricing, length of the job process, years of experience, reputation and reviews, best yet is to get recommendation from friends and family.  If you are not cautious, some companies may try to save on the materials during construction due to the expense of quality.

4. Poor insulation system 

Getting too hot or extremely cold in the loft is not what you would like throughout the year. Hence it’s important to ensure your contractor installs a suitable insulation in the room. Otherwise the space will be unused and wasted.

How To Choose The Best Colours For Your Loft

How To Choose The Best Colours For Your Loft

At Taylor’d Loft Conversions, we aim to create a unique and stylish loft at your expectation.

In this blog, we would like to share a few ways to help you choose the best colours for your loft.

1. Match the colour scheme with style 

It’s important to know the kind of style you wish to adapt to before selecting the colours for your loft. For example, a rich/luxury style would normally use gold, black and white colours. A modern or a contemporary style can be either very simple and neutral or bold and dynamic.

 2. Keep colours to a minimum 

It’s important not to over do the colours, as they say “less is more” is the most effective way to stand out. That doesn’t mean you should restrict yourself on the type of colours you choose, i.e. if the room already has white as the base colour you could consider adding one or two other colours to balance it out. For example, if you are using the room as a children play area you could add some bright colours such as yellow, blue to lighten up the mood.

3. Decide the mood/atmosphere you want to set 

Before choosing the colours, you need to think the mood you want to create when others enter the room.  For example, you might want people to feel welcomed and appreciated in your dining room. If you want a fun and cheerful atmosphere, you would consider selecting bright and warm colours. Therefore, choose the colours that brings out the feeling you want to create.

4. Location of the room 

The location is important as this will affect the colours you use in the room, depending whether the room is facing south or north. For example, if the room is facing away from the sunlight you could consider selecting warmer colours to balance the brightness of the room.