6 Ways To Decorate Your Loft

6 Ways To Decorate Your Loft

At Taylor’d Loft Conversions, we aim to provide our customers the best loft conversion to suit their expectations.

In this blog, we would like to share 6 ways to decorate your loft.

1. Posters and collections 

The loft walls are too plain? Consider hanging up your posters collection such as, famous singers, actors or animals to live up the place. You could use the loft as a mini gallery for posters or a museum for collectable items, i.e. badges, figures or movies. Another way to reminisce the time period when your collectables were a big hit.

2. Mirrors

Having mirrors around the loft helps to make the space look larger. For example, you could decorate the loft in to a changing room with a few stylish and simple shaped mirrors such as hearts, circle and stars.

3. Large TV screen

Nothing beats than having a personal cinema space in your loft! Therefore, a large TV screen would be ideal for a cinema experience. Instead of having sofas, you could consider bean bag chairs to save space and easier to move around.

4.  Plants 

Having a small, simple plant is a nice way to brighten up your home with energy. It could be a Lily Plant, takes up very minimal space and less hassle to move around when needed more sunlight.

5. Picture frames 

If you are using the loft space as a relaxing area, having picture frames would be ideal. For example, you could have inspirational quotes/famous people photos as motivation. For the frames, black and white would be a good choice for a historical style.

6. Hang extra lights or light up candles 

Having extra lighting hanging up from above can change the atmosphere from depression to happiness, especially after a long day! To make it more romantic, why not light up some candles to set up a warm and loving mood for your partner.


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