Top 6 Things You Shouldn't Store In Your Loft

Top 6 Things You Shouldn’t Store In Your Loft

At Taylor’d Loft Conversions, we hope to provide our customers high quality loft conversion to suit their property.

Please see blog below of the top 6 things you shouldn’t store in your loft.

1. Wood furniture – Ideally you shouldn’t store wooden items in your loft because, the loft area is very sensitive to the changes in temperature which will make the wood to slowly expand and crack over a long period. Also, during the humid summer weather there could be moulds forming which will cause the wood to rot.

2. Toys –The best way to store your old toys is airtight containers, which helps to avoid moulds growing on the toys. This will allow you to keep your toys for longer, especially if you’re hoping to pass to the next family generation.

3. Clothing –  Many people have too much clothes and so little space to store them in one place, especially when the season has changed and need to re-organise your wardrobe. However, you should avoid storing clothes in the loft because, during cold weather the room will become icy and moist which encourages mould to grow on the clothes after an extended period of time. Therefore, it’s strongly recommended to use strong, airtight plastic container to keep your clothes.

4. Books – If you are very passionate on books and have a special collection of signatures of your favourite authors, leaving them in the loft would not be ideal. This is because, paper is very delicate and becomes damp and crippled very easily.

5. Candles – For health and safety reasons, you should never keep candles in the attic. The candles melt easily during the hot summer and could cause an unpleasant and hazardous smell, especially if you have children.

6. Leather – This type of material is quite costly and therefore, must be handled and washed with care after a long period. If you place leather items in the attic it’ll turn damp and smelly during humid weather which will ruin the delicate material.

6 Ways To Decorate Your Loft

6 Ways To Decorate Your Loft

At Taylor’d Loft Conversions, we aim to provide our customers the best loft conversion to suit their expectations.

In this blog, we would like to share 6 ways to decorate your loft.

1. Posters and collections 

The loft walls are too plain? Consider hanging up your posters collection such as, famous singers, actors or animals to live up the place. You could use the loft as a mini gallery for posters or a museum for collectable items, i.e. badges, figures or movies. Another way to reminisce the time period when your collectables were a big hit.

2. Mirrors

Having mirrors around the loft helps to make the space look larger. For example, you could decorate the loft in to a changing room with a few stylish and simple shaped mirrors such as hearts, circle and stars.

3. Large TV screen

Nothing beats than having a personal cinema space in your loft! Therefore, a large TV screen would be ideal for a cinema experience. Instead of having sofas, you could consider bean bag chairs to save space and easier to move around.

4.  Plants 

Having a small, simple plant is a nice way to brighten up your home with energy. It could be a Lily Plant, takes up very minimal space and less hassle to move around when needed more sunlight.

5. Picture frames 

If you are using the loft space as a relaxing area, having picture frames would be ideal. For example, you could have inspirational quotes/famous people photos as motivation. For the frames, black and white would be a good choice for a historical style.

6. Hang extra lights or light up candles 

Having extra lighting hanging up from above can change the atmosphere from depression to happiness, especially after a long day! To make it more romantic, why not light up some candles to set up a warm and loving mood for your partner.


4 Common Mistakes People Make During A Loft Conversion

4 Common Mistakes People Make During A Loft Conversion

At Taylor’d Loft Conversions, we aim to build a high quality loft conversion at your satisfaction.

In this blog, we would like to share the top 4 common mistakes people make during a loft conversion.

1. Poor design

The design of your loft can either go very well or terribly wrong. This is why you have to be very specific of the loft design and consult with a specialist for suggestions. You’ll need to make sure whether your loft is suitable for conversion, i.e. the height and size of the loft. If the loft has a big space, you can consider altering the space in to a study room or a relaxing tea room.

2. Not enough storage space

Many people often overlooked the amount of space their loft has and converts the loft straightaway before planning thoroughly. For example, if you’re considering to place large sized furnishings you’ll need to leave enough space to do so. It is important to not overload the furnishings in to your loft when there’s a lack of storage space.

3. Poor choice of contractor

It is a hassle and stressful if you select a poor quality and service contractor for your loft. Therefore, it is vital that you speak to and compare several contractors beforehand to see which company is the most beneficial to you. This would include pricing, length of the job process, years of experience, reputation and reviews, best yet is to get recommendation from friends and family.  If you are not cautious, some companies may try to save on the materials during construction due to the expense of quality.

4. Poor insulation system 

Getting too hot or extremely cold in the loft is not what you would like throughout the year. Hence it’s important to ensure your contractor installs a suitable insulation in the room. Otherwise the space will be unused and wasted.

How To Choose The Best Colours For Your Loft

How To Choose The Best Colours For Your Loft

At Taylor’d Loft Conversions, we aim to create a unique and stylish loft at your expectation.

In this blog, we would like to share a few ways to help you choose the best colours for your loft.

1. Match the colour scheme with style 

It’s important to know the kind of style you wish to adapt to before selecting the colours for your loft. For example, a rich/luxury style would normally use gold, black and white colours. A modern or a contemporary style can be either very simple and neutral or bold and dynamic.

 2. Keep colours to a minimum 

It’s important not to over do the colours, as they say “less is more” is the most effective way to stand out. That doesn’t mean you should restrict yourself on the type of colours you choose, i.e. if the room already has white as the base colour you could consider adding one or two other colours to balance it out. For example, if you are using the room as a children play area you could add some bright colours such as yellow, blue to lighten up the mood.

3. Decide the mood/atmosphere you want to set 

Before choosing the colours, you need to think the mood you want to create when others enter the room.  For example, you might want people to feel welcomed and appreciated in your dining room. If you want a fun and cheerful atmosphere, you would consider selecting bright and warm colours. Therefore, choose the colours that brings out the feeling you want to create.

4. Location of the room 

The location is important as this will affect the colours you use in the room, depending whether the room is facing south or north. For example, if the room is facing away from the sunlight you could consider selecting warmer colours to balance the brightness of the room.

Things to Consider When Planning A Loft Conversion

Things to Consider When Planning A Loft Conversion

At Taylor’d Loft Conversions, we aim to create a loft space that is unique and use of the space effectively.

In this blog, we would like to share a few things to consider when planning a loft conversion.

1. Head height 

Before you consider a loft conversion, you’ll need to measure the distance between the floor and ceiling. The height needs to be no higher than 2.2m. If you have a small loft, you’ll need to consider lowering the floor or changing the roof, which will be more costly.

2. Building Regulations 

There are a number of building regulations you need to consider with loft conversions. For example, you need to ensure that there is a fire resistant door to the staircase and you may need to replace the ceiling and doors on the floor below in order to make them fireproof.

Another point to consider is whether your property is in a conservation area. This will affect the work you are able to carry out, and you may need to apply for planning permission.

3. Stairs  

Once you have a plan for the loft loft, you need to consider where the new staircase will be placed. You need to ensure there is enough headroom for the staircase. Make sure the new stairs blends in with the property to avoid looking like an add on.

4. Is your house strong enough? 

Adding an extra space will definitely add weight to your property. Therefore, it is vital for to make sure that the structure of the building can handle it.

5. Insulating your loft 

Loft floors should have at least 270mm of insulation . You could use loft roll (blanket insulation) to cover on top of an existing insulation. If you want to be able to walk around your loft, you’ll need to lay down polystyrene board insulation on top of the joists and secure chipboard loft boards on top of this.


We hope this blog post was useful. If we have missed out anything, please leave us a comment below.



5 Brilliant Ways To Use Your Loft

At Taylor’d Loft Conversions we understand that each loft space is unique and requires an individual approach to make use of the space most effectively. As the specialists in loft conversions we have listed 5 brilliant ways to make use of your loft below.


1. Walk-In Wardrobe

Everyone loves to have an extra space for all their clothes, especially when the seasons change. Using your loft as a walk-in wardrobe gives you extra space in your bedroom and less hassle to arrange your clothes in boxes, suitcase or self storage. This will be perfect for those who like to be organised.


Walk-In Wardrobe – Source:


2. Playroom

When your kids want to have their own space with their friends, why not turn your extra space in to a playroom? The loft is a perfect place to increase their imagination such as setting up a mini tent or sleepover!


Playroom – Source:


3. Spare bedroom  

Instead of having your guests sleeping on the sofa, why not transform the loft in to a spare bedroom? This will add extra value to your property and no more re-arrangements of sofa beds!



Spare Bedroom – Source:


4. Craft Room

When you struggle to make space for your creativity mind, change your loft in to a craft room. This will provide you more space to organise your artwork.



Craft Room – Source:


5. Gym Room 

Become more active at home by converting the attic in to a gym. No more sharing with strangers and you can be fit 24/7! Best yet, you can shower and relax straight away without having to travel back home from a gym!


Gym Room – Source:


This brings to an end of the 5 brilliant ways to use your loft. If we have left any out, please let us know in the comment below!



The World’s Greatest Loft Conversion Designs

At Taylor’d Loft Conversions we provide high quality and affordable loft conversions which make your home more unique, enjoyable and valuable.

Below we have listed what we think are some of the world’s greatest loft conversion designs.

1. Contemporary Loft Conversion


Contemporary Loft Design -Source:

This is one of the best contemporary loft design we’ve seen. This loft was designed by RULES Architects based in Bratislava, Slovakia. The design symbolises the casual, simple and yet effective concept of a contemporary loft conversion perfectly.

2. Eclectic Loft Conversion

eclectic loft

Eclectic Design – Source:

This is an eclectic loft design which includes a mixture of historical and modern design concepts to create something new and original. This design was dreamed up during the nineteenth century when the architect was seeking for a style that will allow him to keep the previous historical precedent and create unique designs.

3. Feminine Loft Conversion


Feminine Design – Source:

This beautiful loft design is based on the ballerina concept. The pink and white blush colours really makes the loft stand out. It has a large floor area, more than enough for a dancer to twirl around the pretty furniture.

4. Masculine Loft Conversion


Masculine Design Source:

This is a more masculine loft design. The use of the shiny tiles and dim lights makes the place more serious. Perfect space to use for work out!

5. Ceiling Pillars 


Ceiling Pillar – Source:

The ceiling pillars are not only sturdy to prevent the ceiling from falling in, but to create a dramatically charismatic room with great character. Is this the perfect design for you and your partner?

6. Modern Loft Conversion


Modern Loft – Source:

When it comes to a modern loft design the colours are the key to make your loft stand out. The laminated floors, large ceilings and windows are what we believe the most eye catching in this simple room.

7. Storage 


Storage Design – Source:

Many people use their loft as a storage room only. But why not turn your loft in to a resting area as well as a storage room? This storage design loft would be the start. The ceiling is made with pine wood to make it more aesthetically pleasing. The design of the shelves on the right looks more modern and practical, could even be used like a mini library!


8. Garage Loft 


Garage Loft – Source:

The dream of all car lovers…! Who would’ve thought to use their loft as a garage as well as an extra space to relax in. This modern and fresh design is based in Rotterdam. Using white colour as the main base provides a clean and gallery like effect which makes the room brighter.

And that concludes our list of greatest loft conversion designs! Share and comment below of any loft conversions you think we may have missed!