Top 6 Things You Shouldn't Store In Your Loft

Top 6 Things You Shouldn’t Store In Your Loft

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Please see blog below of the top 6 things you shouldn’t store in your loft.

1. Wood furniture – Ideally you shouldn’t store wooden items in your loft because, the loft area is very sensitive to the changes in temperature which will make the wood to slowly expand and crack over a long period. Also, during the humid summer weather there could be moulds forming which will cause the wood to rot.

2. Toys –The best way to store your old toys is airtight containers, which helps to avoid moulds growing on the toys. This will allow you to keep your toys for longer, especially if you’re hoping to pass to the next family generation.

3. Clothing –  Many people have too much clothes and so little space to store them in one place, especially when the season has changed and need to re-organise your wardrobe. However, you should avoid storing clothes in the loft because, during cold weather the room will become icy and moist which encourages mould to grow on the clothes after an extended period of time. Therefore, it’s strongly recommended to use strong, airtight plastic container to keep your clothes.

4. Books – If you are very passionate on books and have a special collection of signatures of your favourite authors, leaving them in the loft would not be ideal. This is because, paper is very delicate and becomes damp and crippled very easily.

5. Candles – For health and safety reasons, you should never keep candles in the attic. The candles melt easily during the hot summer and could cause an unpleasant and hazardous smell, especially if you have children.

6. Leather – This type of material is quite costly and therefore, must be handled and washed with care after a long period. If you place leather items in the attic it’ll turn damp and smelly during humid weather which will ruin the delicate material.

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