Affordable House Extensions in Croydon

There are a lot of reasons people feel compelled to add an extension to their home. Some need to add space for their growing family. Others wish to add a home office that doesn’t gobble up space from the existing floorplan. Some choose to extend a house they love rather than move to a different, larger house. And still others wish to add square footage to their kitchen or living area. Whatever your reason for wanting a house extension, Taylor’d Loft Conversions are the company to call. We design and build beautiful, brilliant house extensions in Croydon for people from all walks of life.

House Extensions in Croydon by Experienced Professionals

House extensions are not a job for the inexperienced. They require a comprehensive knowledge of design and construction imperatives, an equally comprehensive knowledge of local ordinances governing such extensions, and practical knowledge that can only be gained on the job. Taylor’d Loft Conversions has the experience and expertise necessary to design the ideal extension for you and your family and to see it through to a timely, affordable, and satisfying conclusion. You can pay a lot more and end up embroiled in difficulties. Or you can do what so many Croydon homeowners have already done and trust the experts from Taylor’d Loft Conversions.

A House Extension Does Not Have to Be an Ordeal

Many homeowners are reluctant to entertain the notion of a house extension. Perhaps they’ve heard tales from friends or neighbours who had negative experiences. Or perhaps they simply think it will take too long and cost too much. But the fact is, most negative experiences are the product of either inexperienced contractors losing control of the job, multiple contractors with conflicting agendas, or a lack of transparency when it comes to billing. When you enlist the services of Taylor’d Loft Conversions you avoid these potential pitfalls. We handle all aspects of the project and focus on one such project at a time. As a result, our extensions come in on time and within their budget, and you get the additional space you need to enable your domestic or professional life goals.

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Recent Extension Projects

An extension can serve many purposes. For home extension building in Surrey and Sussex, Taylor’d Loft Conversions offer greats service options at competitive prices.

Space from extensions can be utilised as an office space, a reading nook or even a small room. Extensions can also mean extra kitchen space for homes or an airier living room. Furthermore, as residents grow, the living space often has to adapt. Building extensions is a great way to make room for new furnishings or even members of the family.

As these projects build upon existing structures, careful planning and expertise is required. Here at Taylor’d Loft Conversions, we fulfil both criteria. We take care of the entire process and build a great new space for your home.