Extend Your Space With A Hip To Gable Conversion

Thinking of a way to add space to your property without floor extensions?

Transform your hip roof into a gable wall and see how it can dramatically extend your space. This type of conversion makes an extension look natural, giving you additional space without the unsightly new construction look.

As a hip-to-gable conversion gives more headspace compared with other types of loft conversion, it gives you more opportunities for bigger furniture and more adventurous floor layouts. You can convert your loft into an additional bedroom, playroom or office.

hip_to_gable_conversionWhy Choose a Hip-to-Gable Conversion?

From the added space to the increased property value, hip-to-gable conversions offer home extension benefits that cannot be ignored easily.

The hip-to-gable loft conversion is a versatile type of conversion that can be combined with Velux windows and a rear dormer loft conversion. If the structure of your property allows it, you can have double hip-to-gable conversions, giving you more space to work with. This type of conversion is suitable for bungalows, detached and semi-detached homes, as well as houses with terraces.

Compared with the Velux and dormer loft conversion, a hip-to-gable conversion costs more. But it saves you money than having your lower floors extended or moving to a bigger home.

The Expertise You Need

As the hip-to-gable conversion requires fairly extensive work, including structural alteration, only experienced professionals should carry out this type of conversion.

Find the expertise you need at Taylor’d Loft Conversions. We have over 10 years of experience doing complex hip-to-gable conversions. Throughout Surrey, Sussex, Kent and South London, we’ve successfully extended homes safely and efficiently.

We handle everything from planning to construction and ensure that the job is done on time and completed to perfection. Handling one contract at a time, we give each client our full attention and complete use of our resources.

With Taylor’d Loft Conversions, everything is made easy.

Contact us today for a site assessment and we’ll help you decide on the best type of loft conversion for your space.