Give Yourself More Room With A Dormer Loft Conversion 

Let more light and air into your loft – all while enjoying a decent headroom – with a dormer loft conversion. Dormer loft conversions are a clever way to extend your home’s space without reducing your outdoor green space. Just by reconstructing a section of your pitched roof to a wall with a flat roof, you can have a more comfortable top floor without extending your lower floors.

dormer_conversionWhy Choose Dormer Loft Conversions?

Dormer loft conversions allow you to get creative. They can accommodate French doors and balconies, allowing more light to come in and providing you with a charming little outdoor space.

Placement can be done in the front, giving your home’s façade a makeover, or at the back, giving you a private space.

Dormer loft conversions also open your loft to more natural light and ventilation. The additional height they give allows you to put a skylight, more windows, or balcony doors so you can allow more fresh air and light into your loft.

This type of conversion is suitable for many types and styles of properties. Whether your house is Victorian, Edwardian, or a modern detached one, a dormer loft conversion can suit your home. With our expert team, we’ll see to it that your dormer loft conversion tastefully changes your home’s appearance – and not look like a grotesque addition.

Let’s Open Up Your Space

At Taylor’d Loft Conversions, we offer premium-quality loft conversion services at cost-effective rates. We handle everything from concept and design to building and finishing, ensuring that every process is completed to our high standards.

Taking pride in our craftsmanship and customer relationship, we’re never done until you’re happy. We take time to understand your needs so that we create a loft that meets your aesthetic and functional requirements. With over 10 years’ experience serving Surrey, Sussex, Kent and South London, we can give you advice on the best type of conversion for your property.

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